Summer Light

July 27 2019 river view.jpg

Mid-summer greetings from the Missouri River! I have been away from this blog for far too long….amazing how easily the priorities in life can get jumbled! Balancing work, life, art, health and happiness is quite a full time job and if anyone tells you they’ve got it all figured out, I would be suspect. Our lives are a creative act and just like a work of art, there is continual adjustment, rethinking, reworking and rebalancing of all the elements. Always a work in progress!

One of the things I love about summer is the warm evening light as the sun begins to set. Suddenly everything is basked in a beautiful fleeting light that shifts and fades away before you can grab the camera or phone.

Daily 072019 uns.jpg

Slowly, in fits and starts, I am making my way back into the studio on a regular basis. When life feels out of sync, my experience reminds me that it is because I’ve not been making art. I start with a rebalancing act that includes the daily practice of a morning drawing on a little sheet of 6”x4” Japanese paper that I then dip in beeswax. I start with a mark, a line, and let the drawing flow from my hand, thinking only a moment ahead about the next move. The drawings are made without any preconceived idea, nor plan, but instead unfold in real time….always a surprise. Some I like more than others, but in the end, I remind myself, it’s not about the result or the product, but the process. And as I make them, the first mark and each one after that is a reminder to me that life is filled with infinite possibility.

July 19 2019 uns.jpg

I usually start with a line….a long, meandering line or perhaps a dash….a tiny line and then another and another. Each mark tells me where the next one goes….like a conversation in which one person’s words are guided by what has come before from the other. The conversation ensues until it meets its natural end….and then there is quiet.

July 28 2019 uns.jpg

Since my work is so dominated by them, I’ve been thinking about lines….about lines as metaphor. I’m working on some ideas to explore and will report back next time. Meanwhile, Johntimothy and I have been up to some other things of late and I’m heading off now to create a new edition of my very long overdue newsletter! You can find the link to sign up for the quarterly missive on the About Us page of this website. Don’t forget to stop by the Etsy Shop, MissouriBendStudio, where our work is for sale….quite reasonably! See you next time!