Paper....In Pieces

Happy Holidays! Already it is December and the year is coming soon to a close. What a time of transformation this has been for me. I’ve gone from having complete freedom and time in the studio to a fairly intense 40-hour a week job, leaving me with much less time and energy for making new work. However, I’m happy to say, I’ve been moving much closer to the ideal balance….where my job (which I love, by the way) doesn’t take all of my energy and I can find joy in my limited time in the studio.

Lately my creative joy comes from gluing tiny bits of cut and torn paper….doesn’t take much to make me happy some days! Actually, what delights me is the simple pleasure of seeing the juxtaposition of color and pattern that unfold in this new collage series, Pieces. These are small collages, of varying sizes, on rice paper dipped in beeswax. Some will have embroidery and/or beads, others won’t. I’m enjoying the play of composition….creating odd spaces and forms that play with balance and empty space.

I started another series of similar tiny collages on some sheets of 6” x 6” handmade paper I recently purchased in St. Paul….it’s lovely and textured and has a real presence. So, out came the tiny bottle of glue, and bits of printed and found (in my bins of cast-offs and fragments) paper and more collages came out of it.

After I made the first one on the handmade paper, I realized that these little collage works called to mind the joy that comes from seeing a beautiful garden….how the colors and forms play off each other in a kind of conversation. Hence, the name of the series, Paper Garden.

These pieces are a natural extension of what I’ve been doing for a long time. They are rooted in play and allowing intuition and change guide the process. Hope you enjoy them….I’m posting them in my Etsy shop, so head on over and see more of these two collage series. See you again soon!