An Expanded Missouri Bend Studio Shop!

Greetings on a  blizzard-filled day here on the Plains! We've had quite a bit of snow throughout the day, but neither of us had to leave the house (not that we could anyway) as the university had cancelled classes, so we had a lovely day inside...mostly. I managed to finish the task of closing The Art Filled Home, our collaborative Etsy shop, but not before transferring all the listings to Missouri Bend Studio. All the works that lived their short life (in near oblivion!) in The Art Filled Home will hopefully now find viewers and a loving home. You can find all those mixed-media one-of-a-kind print based pieces in the Collaborations section of MissouriBendStudio. As readers of this blog might remember from earlier posts, the daily print series we worked on together this fall are there, but also the older pieces some of which are shown in this post. The piece above was part of a series done in 2014 for a joint exhibition we had at the University of South Dakota. 

A Gathering of Stones, above, and the one below are from last spring when we began the shop. It was a continuation of that earlier series in terms of format, but with a different color palette and imagery. Johntimothy created layers of lovely silkscreen patterns, which I responded to with drawing and painting. Now that he's back teaching classes full time, we have to figure out a new collaborative series, so stay tuned!

So, winter storm Jaxon was slow to materialize, but I guess he was everything they predicted....I'm not sure how much snow this is, but Johntimothy probably does, as he spent a few hours this afternoon, along with the neighbor, shoveling us out. The snow was beautiful coming down, but the winds created white-out conditions, so hope folks stayed off the roads!

January 22 2018 snow.jpg

Meanwhile, I've been experimenting with new possibilities for the daily drawings, but due to supply constraints, I've returned to using the Japanese rice paper/beeswax....I have a good amount of the paper and the beeswax is pretty irresistible. I'll save the good (BFK Rives) for larger's expensive and I would pretty much decimate Johntimothy's supply if I used it for the daily drawings. Here are a couple of the latest dailies.

Daily Drawing, January 22, 2018

Daily Drawing, January 22, 2018

I've begun another series of drawings that explore the possibilities of white on white, which I'll share with you in the next post. They are mixed media with painting, ink, pencil, collage and embroidery. One is finished and the next one nearly so. I'll be back by the end of the week to share those with you. Hope your week has started off well....see you soon...cheers!